peach, plum, pear

carli. 22 years young. southern. i'm obsessive, sarcastic, straight forward, impulsive, and dancing through life on a fine line of reality and fiction. .

wilder than nirvana. colder than ya honor.
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I have a heavy heart today.

So many people are experiencing losses around me right now and it’s very hard for me to understand why.Β 

Robin Williams: suffered from bipolar and depression, like me. The only thing I can think of is him in the movie Patch Adams. He helped so many people in that movie by providing free care and also helping them with their inner demons. It just makes me so sad because that’s what I need to be doing is helping people. That’s what I WANT to do. I know what it’s like to feel lost, helpless, depressed, unloved, etc. I myself tried to take my own life in April. It was a selfish act that hurt everyone around me and I know that now.

Mental illness is very real people. Educate yourself.

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